As Amended October 19, 2011

A New York Not-For-Profit Corporation
The principle office of the Corporation for the transaction of it's activities shall be in the Town of      Plattsburgh, Clinton County.

1.  To have fun
2.  Promote the preservation and restoration of "all" classic vehicles
3.  To raise awareness of our classic vehicles
4.  To raise awareness of the activities available with their classics
5.  To administer the activities such as cruises, car shows and fundraisers
6.  To undertake and other activities consistent with the promotion and protection of our                   members, the community and our friends

1.  If you own a vehicle that you think is a classic, no matter what kind or year, you qualify.
2.  If you don't own a classic car but enjoy participating in club events, you qualify for a                    membership.

1.  Membership dues are $20.00 payable each year by your renewal date (DOR).
2.  Upon receipt of dues, new members will receive a membership card and member decal for                 their vehicle.
3.  Relnewals will receive a new membership card each year indicating year of participating.

1.  A general organizational meeting will be held in October of each Year.  Membership due,                    treasurers reports, by-laws and possible events will be discussed at the first general meeting.
2.  Additional meetings will be called by the President and held as needed each month before                 the car show.  After that, short meetings will beheld before our cruises.
3.  A meeting to discuss the financial report will be held once a year at the discretion of the                     officers.
4.  Meetings will be held at a designated place in the State of New York.

1.  OFFICERS:  The officers will consist of the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.
2.  ELECTIONS:  The board of directors will be elected by the general membership.  The board of              directors shall consist of the above officers, in addition to board members.
3.  TERMS, LIMITATION OF TERMS:  All board members will be elected for three-year terms.  Club             Officers and Board Members will be up for re-election every three years beginning October of              2008.
4.  VACACIES:  Vacancies in offices shall be filled for the balance of the term by a majority vote               of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting.  The Board of Directors will                       consist of 9 Club members including the officers.
5.  REMOVAL;  The Board of Directors at it's discretion may remove with or without cause, any                officer or board member by a two thirds (2/3) vote of all members on the Board.
6.  ABSEENCES:  Any Officer or Cirector who is absent for THREE (3) consecutive regular club                  meetings or Board of Director meetings without just cause, as determined by the Board of                 Directors, shall automatically vacate his / her seat on the Board.  The vacancy shall be filled               as provided by these By-Laws.
7.  LEAVE OF ABSENCE:  Individuals may take a leave of absence from the board if they have                 reasons why they can not participate.  The leave may be granted by 2/3 vote of the Board of             Directors.
  A.  President:  The president shall have the responsibility for the overall affairs of the club                      and the car show.  He/She will preside a meetings of the club and the board.  He/She                        shall create committees with the approval of the board and serve on all committees.                          He/She shall serve as communications link to the public and the members.
  B.  Vice President:  The vice president shall preside at meetings of the club and board in                       the absence of the president and shall otherwise fulfill the responsibility of the president                    if the president is unable to fulfill them.  The vice president shall have such other powers                    and duties as the president may assign.

  C.  Treasurer:  The treasurer shall have general supervision of the financial affairs of the                        club, shall regularly repot to the board on the financial status of the club and make                            detailed financial reports annually.
  D.  Secretary:  the secretary shall ensure that club members receive the proper notice of                        meetings, that the proceedings of meetings are properly recorded, that official records                        of the club are safely maintained, that the secretary keep accurate records of club                              members and their status.  That the secretary keeps accurate status of club events.                           That the secretary ready the club newsletter for distrubution monthly.

1.  During club events or any event in which you are representing the club, any member using                  their vehicle in an improper manner will have their membership terminated.
2.  During club events or any event in which you are representing the club, any member using                  improper behavior (such as intoxication) will have their membership terminated.

1.  The Corporation is not formed for financial gain.  All income and earnings of the Corporation             shall be used exclusively for its corporate purposess and charitable causes.  No part of the                 income or earnings shall benefit or profit any board member or officer.
2.  The Corporation shall be able to solicit, receive and accept funds from private orgaizations                 and individuals and expend or authorize expenditure of such funds in furtherance of the                     purpose of the Corporation.
3.  The Corporation is federally exempt from filing income taxes.  We are not State exempt so we            are responsibe for sales tax on items purcheased for the club.
4.  The Corporation officers and board of directors will not be held responsible financially for any            action taken on the  club.

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Baxter, Secretary
Champlain Valley Classis Cruisers